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Experience Quality Housing that's Attainable & Affordable

Building Is What We Do

Changing Lives and Shaping Communities one Development at a Time

Affordable Workforce Housing

At Connelly Builders and Development, we specialize in building quality affordable housing. Our developments are tailored to fit the communities needs. One of the ways that we target the communities need is by targeting specific classifications of individuals. Through our Affordable Workforce Housing developments, we are able to target parents and hardworking citizens of the community, that are under 55 years of age, through their income levels. Our rents are matched to the tenants income to prevent rent-burdening our citizens. This allows for residents to have more money in their budgets for food, necessities, etc. and allows for our developments to have a positive impact on the surrounding communities. 


Elderly (55+)

Another way we try to meet the communities needs is by providing elderly apartment communities. As individuals grow in age and retire, their need for quality, affordable housing rises. In our elderly apartment communities, tenants are age-restricted to 55 and older to qualify to live here. Just like our Affordable Workforce Housing developments, Elderly communities have rents matched to the tenants income levels. Allowing individuals to not be rent burdened and creating community that has a positive impact on the surrounding areas. 


Even though affordable housing is our "specialty", sometimes we branch out from our normal operations and build a conventional apartment complex. At these complexes, they are not tailored to a specific age group or income qualification. The rents are considered "market rate" and are based off of the rents of nearby apartment complexes. As you can see by the image on the right, our conventional apartment complexes are a work of art. From state of the art technology, workout facilities, swimming pools, and top tier finishes, these apartment complexes are extremely luxurious.


About Our Company

Connelly Builders and Development

The Connelly family of companies (Connelly Builders, Inc. and Connelly Development, LLC) specialize in quality affordable housing. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience working in the residential housing and construction industry. 


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T. Kevin Connelly 

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